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Badges with a medieval style integral pin and clasp


These badges are cast in pewter in one piece in the same way as medieval badges were made. They are designed to be pinned onto one piece of clothing, and left there.

With linen or wool, you can work the pin through the fabric unaided. With modern fabrics, Felt, cottons or finely woven natural fabrics you will find it easier to make a pair of holes with an awl, a thick needle, or even just a sharp pencil, and then feed the pin through.

Put the pin through the fabric, bend it behind the clip, then crush the clip down over the pin. This will keep your badge secure. If you do take it off and put it on something else, the metal will fatigue, and eventually break. If it does, the medieval solution is to drill some holes in the badge and sew it on.

While medieval pewter contained lead, these are lead free.